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Welcome to Karen Obrist Photography's Online Proofing site!

I am so excited to share your images with you, your friends and family! In this site you'll see the entire gallery of images from your session and be able to choose and purchase your favorite images from there!

Karen uses the highest quality paper for your prints, working with a lab to make sure you get the best detail and color out of each image. Each order is overviewed by Karen before being sent off to the lab- making adjustments to make sure you get the best quality images sent to your home.

Feel free to send me an info with any questions you may have to! Enjoy the images! :)

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I hate writing about myself, I'm much better about writing about you and your story. I can tell you this though- I love what I do and I really try to challenge myself to create something unique and true at each session. I like to run around a lot and change up my locations giving a lot of variety, and I might get a stick or two caught in my hair on the way to the next spot. My goal is to create images that are a true reflection of yourself at that moment in time so you can look back 10 years from now and remember exactly how you felt that day. Photography is a powerful thing and I'm here to capture your story. Man I love what I do! :)